Discover a convenient way to your period

LUNACUP menstrual cup reliable natural

Menstrual cup for comfortable period.
Eco-friendly, natural and simple.
Make your period as comfortable as possible.

Price: £29.80

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Satisfaction guarantee Menstrual cup Lunacup
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Use the cup for at least three periods
(at least 90 days)
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LUNACUP menstrual cup better health


Do not dry up mucus membranes. No odor, no bacteria multiplication.
Let yourself feel confident and on top of the world!

LUNACUP menstrual cup better planet ecology


Just think of 30 kilos of waste in feminine hygiene every woman produces in 10 yrs you can get the nature rid of, if you use the cup. That is a hell of a waste!

LUNACUP menstrual cup saves money


Buying a cup saves up to 75 % of costs for feminine hygiene.
Spend the time you waste on shopping for hygiene products in a more meaningful way.

Which size is right for you?

LUNACUP menstrual cup how to choose a size

1. Smaller size

suitable for women of 30 years of age and younger, women who did not give birth naturally and women who gave birth through C-section.

2. Larger size

for women who gave birth naturally or are 30 years or wiser.

Choose your color

Snow white / Raspberry / Apricot

Flat stem

Easy and accident-free removal.
Thin, flexible flat stem
you will not feel inside.
You will simply forget
it is your period.

LUNACUP menstrual cup flat stem easy to remove the cup

It is in detail...

Perfect seal and no leaks thanks to reinforced rim.
4 holes ensures quick unfolding of the cup with minimum need of underpressure.

LUNACUP menstrual cup Reinforced edge 4 holes

Anatomically shaped

The cup perfectly adapts to your body. Elastic material 50 shore help the cup to unfold and is very gentle to your body.

What is in the BOX

Everything you need is included.
The packaging is eco-friendly - it is used to sanitize the cup easily and quickly.

LUNACUP menstrual cup what is in the Box

You can also buy the accessories separately:

Cotton storage pouch
for safekeeping outside your period.

Price £3

Quick and easy to sanitize
with steam in 5 minutes.

Price £4

User Guide

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide fold a cup

Rinse it and fold it

Always wash the cup and your hands before you use it. It makes the insertion easier. Fold the cup.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide take out

Remove it

Just pull the stem gently and move the cup lower. Push your muscles to further move the cup out. Then push the cup aside using one of your fingers. This move will negate the suction and the cup is easy to remove completely.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide insert a cup

Insert the cup

Hold the cup folded and insert it as deep in your vagina as possible. It will unfold the very moment you release it and its rim will connect to your vagina.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide empty and wash a cup

Empty the cup and rinse it

Empty the cup and rinse it thoroughly with water. And that's it! The cup is ready for the next insertion.

When is the cup full?

Depends on your flow it fills up after 6 to12 hours. You can use the cup night or day, but be sure to remove and rinse it every 12 hours. Do not wear the cup for more than 12 hours without washing it!

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide sterilize

After your period

Rinse the cup thoroughly with water and either steam it in the microwave or boil it a little bit. When the cup is sterilized, store it safely in its linen bag.


SGS S.A., independent certification authority

“No harmful microorganism was detected. Menstrual cup LUNACUP evolution was found in accordance with set criteria.”

Medical-grade silicone KEG-2003H

„The used medical silicone KEG-2003H
made by renowned Japanese company Shin-Etsu complies with the high standards of
American USP Class VI. Certification
as well as European certification ISO 10993.
Material is also certified as material for short term medical implants.“

The National Institute of Public Health of the Czech republic

„The menstrual cup LUNACUP is safe in contact with human skin.“