LUNACUP Evolution

New extraordinary menstrual cup.
Discover a way how to make your period comfortable.

LUNACUP menstrual cup evolution draining cup

Unique menstrual cup for a comfortable period.
Heavy flow is no longer a problem.
Let yourself be more safe, self-confident and comfortable.

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Emptying mechanism

Superb way ensuring comfort for the whole day even with the heavy flow.
Emptying mechanism is activated only when you press the marked point.
Just gently press the stem

LUNACUP menstrual cup evolution emptying mechanism

Folding mechanism

The cup can be shortened by pushing the stem inside the cup.
The stem can be pulled out just to empty the cup.

LUNACUP menstrual cup evolution folding mechanism

Anatomically shaped

The cup perfectly adapts to your body. Flexible and pleasant to touch material ensures the quick unfolding of the cup.

LUNACUP menstrual cup evolution cup

Which size is right for you?

LUNACUP evolution menstrual cup how to choose a size

1. Small size

suitable for women of 30 years of age and younger, women who did not give birth naturally and women who gave birth through C-section.

2. Large size

for women who gave birth naturally or are 30 years or wiser.

User Guide

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide wash your hands

Wash your hand with soap

Washing hands protects your health every time you want to use it.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide insert a cup

Insert the cup

Relax your pelvic muscles to insert the cup more easily. Make sure the cup is positioned correctly and fully unfolded.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide take out

Remove it

Push your pelvic muscles to further move the cup out. Then push the cup aside using one of your fingers. This move will negate the suction and the cup is easy to remove completely.

LUNACUP menstrual cup sterilize cup in the microwave

Sterilize the cup

Use the sanitation pouch or boil in water for at least 5 minutes. Do not boil for more than 8 minutes.

LUNACUP menstrual cup evolution drain a cup

Emptying the cup

Just pull out the stem approximately 1 cm. Gently pushed two small humps and hold until all blood flows out. Gently push the stem back inside.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide empty and wash a cup

Empty the cup and rinse it

Empty the cup and rinse it thoroughly with water. And that's it! The cup is ready for the next insertion.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide fold a cup

Folding the cup

Rinse the cup in water and fold it. The two most common ways to fold the cup are described in the instruction manual in detail.

LUNACUP menstrual cup evolution guide inside vagina

Emptying frequency

We recommend emptying the cup several times a day. It is necessary to remove and wash the cup with water every 12 hours before you continue to use it.

LUNACUP menstrual cup guide sterilize

After your period

Rinse the cup thoroughly with water and either steam it in the microwave or boil it a little bit. When the cup is sterilized, store it safely in its linen bag.

If you have any doubts or questions, please check the section SUPPORT.



„The medical-grade silicone used
complies with both USP Class VI.
and European certification ISO 10993. Material is also certified as material for short term medical implants.“

SGS S.A., an independent testing and certification company

“No harmful microorganism was detected. Menstrual cup LUNACUP evolution was found in accordance with set criteria.”