About the menstrual cup

What is the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is a modern feminine hygiene product. It is a soft silicone cup that you fold and insert into your vagina. It unfolds inside and collects the menstrual blood. When the cup is full you just take it out and empty it. Then rinse the cup with water and insert it back in. You can use one cup during the whole menstrual cycle. After your cycle is over, sterilize the cup and store it for next month.

Any doubts or questions?
Well, maybe you are full of doubts or have a lot of questions. We have years of experience, so we can answer every single of your questions!
Anyway, you can put the doubts aside because of two simple facts:
The cup is used every month by millions of women all over the world! They were happy to give up tampons and switch to the cup.
This is what we usually hear from women who contact us after switching to the cup: “It is so comfy, I wouldn’t change it for all the tea of China I only regret that I haven’t heard about the cup earlier!”

What is the menstrual cup made of? 

Our menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone. Medical grade silicone is widely used in the healthcare industry for more than 60 years. It is used as material for contact lenses, breast implants or as cardiac valve replacement. It is material proven to be safe for the human body.

The medical-grade silicone is:

  • Hypoallergenic: there are not any reactions whatsoever,
  • Antibacterial: unlike the tampons or napkins the cup does not allow microorganisms to multiply
  • flexible, soft and durable
  • environment-friendly
  • does not affect the pH of the vagina
LUNACUP brand menstrual cup is made of platinum quality medical grade silicone and complies with both ISO 10993 and USP class IV. Therefore it is suitable as a short term bodily implant. Such high-quality material is not a matter of course for all manufacturers.
No chemicals are used during the production. And that is why it is perfectly safe to insert the cup into your body. Hardly would you use cellulose as an implant or contact lens. And yet you use tampons or napkins with the most intimate part of your body every single month! Well, until now you could say: “I have never heard of a menstrual cup.” But that is not the case anymore! So it is time for a change!

How long will one menstrual cup last?
One menstrual cup can be used for 10 years. It can be even more if you take proper care of it. Customers usually change their cups because of:
  • Discoloration, which is a natural characteristic of silicone and it does not affect its functionality
  • Loss of flexibility leads to worsened adaptability to your body and changes in the cup’s shape. 
LUNACUP menstrual cup is made of platinum quality medical grade silicone. That is why the cups keep their great properties for so long! To show how much we believe in it, we offer 5 years improved warranty for our menstrual cup. We expect the cup to last for more than 10 years.

What makes the menstrual cup so unique?

Sanitary napkin limits you in so many ways. You are aware of it all day long, it often makes you nervous. You are checking yourself and leaks all the time. It hinders your freedom of movement. It makes you sweaty and it often produces an unpleasant odor. Tampons can be a bit better than that. You can move freely and bath or swim if you are careful enough. But you are still aware of it and have to check it constantly. Tampons dry up the mucus membranes and are connected with the possibility of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

The cup is just inserted and you do not feel it anymore. It adapts to your body immediately. You don’t feel it when sitting, riding a bike, doing aerobics or yoga. It is almost like it merges with your body.

After a period of time, 2 or 3 times longer than with tampon or napkins, you simply remove the cup, empty and rinse it with water. Thanks to its high-quality material it is clean and ready to use in a heartbeat. You can reinsert it and enjoy your day. You don’t need to carry anything around. You don’t need to look for a trashcan.

You feel far better! Suddenly, your period isn’t a burden anymore. There is no tampon or napkin to bug you - just one clean menstrual cup.

Is the menstrual cup eco-friendly?
A menstrual cup is definitely the most eco-friendly hygiene product on the market.
  • One cup lasts for 10 years.

  • You do not produce any waste using it!

  • You don’t need to wash anything either as it is sometimes cased with napkins.

  • The cup is not made of plastic or rubber / it is not a petroleum-based product.

  • When it’s time comes, you can dispose of it ecologically.

How much does the cup cost?

The price of the cup varies with the chosen model. You can get the cup from xx to xx. Because one cup lasts for 10 years, you will save a significant sum of money you would otherwise spend on tampons or napkins.


Years of period Tampons and pads Menstrual cup Money saved thanks to the cup
One cycle
In 10 years
In a lifetime

* figures presented are calculated with 13 periods a year and monthly expense of x €
** in case you buy a new cup every 8 years.