What is the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is a modern feminine hygiene product. It is a soft silicone cup that you fold and insert into your vagina. It unfolds inside and collects the menstrual blood. When the cup is full you just take it out and empty it. Then rinse the cup with water and insert it back in. You can use one cup during the whole menstrual cycle. After your cycle is over, sterilize the cup and store it for next month.

Any doubts or questions?
Well, maybe you are full of doubts or have a lot of questions. We have years of experience, so we can answer every single of your questions!
Anyway, you can put the doubts aside because of two simple facts:
The cup is used every month by millions of women all over the world! They were happy to give up tampons and switch to the cup.
This is what we usually hear from women who contact us after switching to the cup: “It is so comfy, I wouldn’t change it for all the tea of China I only regret that I haven’t heard about the cup earlier!”