Contraception and menstrual cup

Is it possible to use the menstrual cup and vaginal ring like Nuvaring?

Yes, it is. But you can use a cup only when you do not have the Nuvaring inside.

Can I use the cup in combination with intrauterine devices such as Dana, Gyneplus, Gynefi, Jaydess or Mirena?

Yes, you can. There are many women using both and we don’t hear any complaints at all. However we are aware of cases in which the device was pushed out. This can happen with the lower cervix or inserting a cup too deep. The spontaneous push out is a case of one in twenty devices, most common in three weeks after the application. If this is your case, we recommend asking our gynecologists to shorten the threads as possible and rely on your pelvic floor muscles when removing the cup. Most of the women however happily use both at the same time.