Are there any known disadvantages of using a cup?

In comparison to tampons or napkins it is difficult to find any. But let’s take a look at it. Most of the doubts are spread by the women who have never tried a menstrual cup before. So the picture being painted here is of a large product, difficult to handle and all smeared with blood. You already know this can’t be more wrong. 

So, disadvantages?

When using tampons or pads, you don’t have to pay any attention to your body at all. When using a cup you will at least learn the basic anatomy of your vagina when handling it.
When using a menstrual cup you will get your hands dirty - well, fingertips of your thumb and index finger. This may not be the case of tampons and pads.
In the beginning, you will probably have to try several positions of a cup to find the one that suits you.

We are not aware of any more disadvantages, but we can say one thing for sure. Once you try the menstrual cup, you will never want to get back into the „middle-ages“ of tampons and pads.