Are there any health risks of using a cup?

Is the cup safe?
  • The medical-grade silicone is proven by the 60 years to be perfectly safe and free of health risks. That’s why this material is used as a cardiac valve replacement.

  • The material of the cup is also antibacterial. Bacteria is not able to „hold onto“ this material. Menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone doesn’t allow bacteria to multiply. Also, the cup is sealed in the vagina through the whole duration of use and isn’t connected to the outside environment which is not the case of for example tampon’s string. Therefore the cup becomes one with the woman’s body.

  • The menstrual cup doesn’t affect the environment of the vagina, like pH and moisture. It is a completely neutral element inside the human body. The cup also adapts to the shape of the vagina and doesn’t press against it.
LUNACUP menstrual cup passed the complete sets of tests of the Czech National Institute of Public Health with flying colors.
There are no health risks and issues connected with the use of menstrual cups. We don’t recommend using the cup in days following the childbirth as the blood needs to flow freely from the vagina.

A lot of women got rid of vaginal yeast infections and inflammations when they switched to a cup. Your period is more natural and healthier with a menstrual cup.
Some women even use the cup outside their periods, for example as an extra precaution when visiting swimming pools using chlorine to treat water. The menstrual cup protects the vagina environment using suction.