The menstrual cup collects blood. Isn’t that harmful?

This common fear is based on the traditional need to apply absorptive materials when dealing with blood flows and it has been debunked. The blood is collected and removed in several hours.

The menstrual blood flows slowly from the cervix through the opening of the pinhead. The blood is collected in a cup whether you sit or lie.

Even when you are standing on your head, the blood is not coming back through this opening. No matter what feminine hygiene product you use, the blood currently in the vagina will always flow in that direction. It is perfectly normal and poses no risk. Vagina separates the outer and inner environment. Moreover the menstrual cup creates suction that prevents the outside air to get in. This prevents menstrual blood to go off and so it can’t produce an unpleasant smell unlike with napkins where blood interacts with air and bacteria.

Did you know? Did you know that napkins and tampons aren’t sterile? Cellulose-based materials used in the production of tampon or pad go through the whole manufacturing process and are wrapped afterward. When it comes all the way to you there is really no guarantee it is bacteria-free. You don’t even have the option to sterilize it yourself. On the other hand you can always clean or sterilize your cup in the comfort of your home.