What is the opinion of gynecologists?

Many gynecologists rate the cup very well and promote its use. Unfortunately, most of the gynecologists are men and can’t enjoy the comfort, freedom and health benefits brought by the use of a menstrual cup.  Their opinions are based on second-hand information. Read some of their statements:

Gynecologist, MUDr. Helena Maslova

„A menstrual cup is more than suitable and eco-friendly in addition.“ 

Gynecologist, MUDr. Marcela Bittnerova

„Because of used material, a menstrual cup doesn’t cause vaginal yeast infection. Because of the way it is inserted it doesn’t prevent the flow of blood from the uterus. It is suitable for every woman who had intercourse.“

Gynecologist, MUDr. Lukas Hruban

„It is a cheap and clean way. I don’t have any complaints at all.
It is a risk-free alternative that is worthy of recommendation.“