How to use the cup in a public restroom?

You will most usually manipulate the cup in places you are familiar with. When you are about to leave home for a longer period of time it is a good idea to empty the cup before you leave. Its capacity should be enough to last before you are back home again. So you will probably not use the following recommendations at all.
The most convenient situation is when both the toilet and the sink are available. You may not count that you will find such comfort in your workplace or while traveling. Good news! You can empty your menstrual cup even in a less friendly environment. You just need to find your own way.

Keep in mind that the cup is really easy to take care of. The menstrual blood doesn’t stay on it.

What are your options?

The first thing is to wash your hand with soap and rinse properly.
  • The first option is to take a bottle of water in the stall with you and wash the cup after you remove it. Alternatively, you can use sensitive wet wipes to clean the cup.

  • The second option is to just empty the cup and then reinsert it. You don’t have to worry a bit. The cup is only exposed to the outside environment for a couple of seconds and doesn’t interact with sometimes messy surfaces. It is always better to wash the cup. If that is not possible, don’t worry.

  • The third option is to take the cup to the washbasin and wash it there. It however depends whether you feel like going there without any protection whatsoever, which may be possible with light flow, but very risky otherwise.
Tip: In most of the public buildings there are restrooms for the disabled. These restrooms are fitted with both toilet and washbasin in one room. As a woman with her period, you are entitled to use these facilities as period counts as a temporal disability. If you are experiencing heavy flow this should be your number one solution.