Is it true that the period is shorter when I use the cup?

To be honest, we were perplexed when we first heard about it. We thought that it would be just a personal observation of some women. Later we started to hear from more women who claimed that their period shortened thanks to the use of the menstrual cup.

Now we know that the menstrual cup may have a significant impact on the duration of your period. The period is the cleansing process of your body after all.

Tampons and napkins contain many chemicals and they also loose pieces of material and everything is released into your body. Your body absorbs them afterward and has to get rid of them somehow. Your vagina needs to clean itself and uses the period to do so. The use of tampons or napkins further complicates the process. When you switch to a cup it may result in a shorter period.

So our answer has to be positive. Yes, the menstrual cup has positive effects on the process of the period and often shortens the process itself.