Is the menstrual cup reliable? Won’t it leak?

Our menstrual cup is very reliable and it has your back even in most difficult situations such as swimming, sports, dancing, and social events. The cup, when inserted properly, will press firmly against the vaginal wall. Thanks to its flexibility and created suction it sits under any circumstances. All menstrual blood is collected inside it and can’t flow anywhere else.

So the menstrual cup never leaks? 

Never say never. When the cup is full to the level of two small holes in the upper rim, the suction may be released and a small leak may occur. This is only a case with heavy flow. These days, usually the first two days of the period, the cup needs to be emptied more often, about every 3 to 6 hours.  But generally speaking, the cup is still far more reliable than a tampon or pad.
According to the experience of many customers the woman feels when the cup is about to be full and she is ready to deal with the situation in time.

Recommendations: To make sure everything runs smoothly during your sports or social event, always empty the cup before it’s start. It is also a good idea to use panty liners during the days of heavy flow just to be on the safe side.