Isn't the cup too large?

The size is a concern of many women. Millions of women have already learned that the cup is designed to perfectly fit its place. It will fit into your body as well. For sure.
Rinse the cup with water before you try to insert it. That will make it more slippery and the insertion is easier. Before the cup is inserted it is folded into a small cone. It will not unfold until it finds its place.
On top of that, the menstrual cup is:
  • Very flexible and it will adapt to the shape of your vagina

  • Soft and smooth so it doesn’t press or scratch anywhere

  • When folded it is just a bit larger than tampon (2 cm of cup, 1.5 cm of tampon).
It is much easier than it sounds. Remember, practice makes the master. We haven’t met a woman who wouldn’t make it.

Moreover the LUNACUP menstrual cup is unlike many other brands designed to comply with the testing of thousands of women and to respect woman’s anatomy. Our cup differs from the others by more conical shape and only a little pronounced upper rim. That is why using it is more pleasant than using other cups.