Will I get dirty when using the cup?

Yes, sometimes you may get your fingertips dirty when manipulate the cup. But only a tiny bit if at all. Because all the menstrual blood is collected inside the cup. And you don’t touch the inside.

Does it feel funny to look at the blood inside? You don’t have to see the blood at all. Just sit on the toilet, remove the cup and empty it immediately. There is no contact of the blood with your body or clothing whatsoever. And because the cup is smooth, the blood doesn’t stick on it. Just rinse it with water and it is as good as new.

You will feel far cleaner than with tampons or napkins. Maybe it is hard to believe, but everything feels more natural and healthy with the cup. Everything is as it was meant to be. Everything that is supposed to go goes. And you are fit, clean and safe.

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