Merits of the menstrual cup

What do I get from switching to the cup?
The menstrual cup brings a radical improvement in your life!
  • It will make you forget about your period for the very first time.
  • Your period will not limit you anymore. You can enjoy any possible activity - it’s like having no period at all.

  • You will avoid many awkward situations. You won’t have to look for a trashcan to dispose of tampon or napkin.

  • You won’t have to shop for tampons or napkins anymore.

Menstrual cups, tampons and pads in a nutshell
Pad Tampon Menstrual cup
Use is annoying


Yes No
Hinders your freedom of movement Yes No No

Risk of allergic reaction

Yes Yes No

Material allows microorganisms to multiplyMaterial allows microorganisms to multiply

Yes Yes No
Unpleasant smell Yes No No
Needs to be attached Yes No No
Possible sweat rash Yes No No
Associated with TSS No Yes Minimal risk
Known medical issues Yes Yes No
Unlimited use (sauna, shower, nudist beaches) No Yes No
Lasts during whole night Yes No Yes
Bathing allowed No Yes Yes
Waste-free solution No No Yes

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What activities can I do with the cup inside?
Everything you do every day outside your period!*
Here are some activities you would probably never imagined doing during the period:
  • All water-related activities, be it in a swimming pool, beach or anywhere else

  • Riding a bike or a horse

  • Jogging

  • Working out including aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc.

  • Sunbathing topless and bottomless as well

  • Enjoying sauna or steam

  • Roller-skating

  • Skiing and all other winter sports

  • Sleeping through the night (cup is a reliable all-night protection)

Are there any limitations to the use of a cup?

There are almost no limitations. The only exception is the post-natal period. We don’t recommend using the cup in days following the childbirth as the vagina should remain free to secure the smooth recovery process. 


*We strongly recommend relaxing more during your period, especially in days of heavy flow. The period is a regular phase in a woman’s life in which she connects deeper with her inner self and cleanse her body and soul. Every woman should be aware of it and respect it. Every woman should respect herself and listen closely to the wisdom of her body.

In what way is the menstrual cup natural?

In ancient societies women were resting during their periods. They secluded themselves in peaceful locations and let their blood flow freely to the ground. This is the best way and the healthiest way how to spend your period. They mastered a technique of so-called free period. Women can learn a way how to control their cervix and hold the blood inside the uterus until they release it willingly. Collecting blood using the menstrual cup is a great way how to combine natural processes of your body with our modern era.

Menstrual cups don’t stop the flow of blood. They just collect the blood for a while before you return it to the ground. This is the most natural and harmonious way there is.