What activities can I do with the cup inside?

Everything you do every day outside your period!*
Here are some activities you would probably never imagined doing during the period:
  • All water-related activities, be it in a swimming pool, beach or anywhere else

  • Riding a bike or a horse

  • Jogging

  • Working out including aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc.

  • Sunbathing topless and bottomless as well

  • Enjoying sauna or steam

  • Roller-skating

  • Skiing and all other winter sports

  • Sleeping through the night (cup is a reliable all-night protection)

Are there any limitations to the use of a cup?

There are almost no limitations. The only exception is the post-natal period. We don’t recommend using the cup in days following the childbirth as the vagina should remain free to secure the smooth recovery process. 


*We strongly recommend relaxing more during your period, especially in days of heavy flow. The period is a regular phase in a woman’s life in which she connects deeper with her inner self and cleanse her body and soul. Every woman should be aware of it and respect it. Every woman should respect herself and listen closely to the wisdom of her body.