Menstrual cup LUNACUP

Color: raspberry - Size: SMALL 1 (For women under 30y and who gave birth through C-section.)
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Maybe I'll repeat myself but the menstrual cup is a revolutionary invention. I must admit that until I fine-tuned inserting and removing, the beginnings were slightly difficult. But since then it's been no trouble for me. Another indisputable advantage is that I don't have to think about having enough pads and tampons on me, for travelling or work. I don't have to control whether my tampon leaks or not during the first days of my menstruation. I'm also glad that I won't leave here a big heap of indecomposable waste. That's why I also chose cloth nappies for my baby, but it has nothing to do with the menstrual cup... :) I recommend the cup to all women who care about their health and the Earth's health as well!