Menstrual cup LUNACUP

Color: raspberry - Size: SMALL 1 (For women under 30y and who gave birth through C-section.)
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I'm really into sports and although my menstrual period lasts only two days, it is very strong. If I don't change the towel every 40 minutes, it usually leaks. My menses always starts when I'm in the mountains and it's a nightmare to take off all the winter clothes every time I go downhill. That's why I tried a menstrual cup and I'm incredibly excited. I only need to empty it once in the morning, once at noon, and then in the evening. It is important to know well your „anatomy“ and to check after insertion whether the cup has unfolded itself. It takes some time and practice to get it right. But as far as I'm concerned it's made „my time of the month“ more comfortable.