Menstrual cup LUNACUP

Color: raspberry - Size: SMALL 1 (For women under 30y and who gave birth through C-section.)
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Dear ladies, surprisingly my partner was the one who told me about a cup the first time. He told me he read about it, how it made our „days“ more comfortable, how it lessened the pains, and that women didn't have to think about it so many times a day. And that the money was worth trying. I'm not going to pretend to be a heroine, I was sceptical indeed. The fact that my friends hardly heard about only increased my doubts. In the end, it was my partner who repeatedly appealed to me to buy it. And so I did. After a few tentative initial attempts, when I resisted to give it up, even though the insertion wasn't very easy, I finally got it right. Since then I wouldn't hear a word against it. I've used it for more than two years – and the money I've saved! And for other women I have a tip: I always have a bottle of water with me when I need to use public toilets. But at home as well as at work there is a washbasin in the toilet, so it's no problem there. I sleep safe and sound the whole night. When the flow is stronger, I empty the cup in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening. I recommended it to my acquaintances and friends and I won't stop doing it. I'm always delighted when another one of my friends buys it. I'm grateful to my partner for his support at the beginning and everything else. So ladies, don't hesitate, don't let anything discourage you. This isn't a paid advertising, it's just positive experience of a woman who would never get back into the groove.