Menstrual cup LUNACUP

Color: raspberry - Size: SMALL 1 (For women under 30y and who gave birth through C-section.)
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I‘ve been preparing for writing you for a long time. I‘d like to thank you and mainly share my experience so that other women can go through their periods with ease too. I‘ve been using a menstrual cup for seven years. I still have my first one and I‘m absolutely content with it. Unfortunately, my menstrual flow is very strong and long-lasting. I used to have a problem with pads, because of my intolerance to perfumes and artificial surfaces. Tampons caused me a stomach ache, so I couldn't use them at all. Every menstruation was torture to me, especially in summer. That‘s why I took the risk and decided to try the menstrual cup. And believe me, it‘s such a great little thing! I haven‘t bought a single pad or a tampon for the last 7 years. I still don‘t enjoy having menstruation, but at least I can go through it without unpleasant feelings and I save a lot of money. So you, who still hesitate – just don‘t. The menstrual cup is really a great thing :) I wish you all nice days with the Lunacup menstrual cup.