I was very hesitant to try a cup at first as the insertion worried me. However I can’t express how easy it was to put in and only after a couple of tries I got it perfectly! Removing was surprisingly easy too and I was able to find the stem without any problems; if it went too far I could easily use my muscles to push it down.
It’s honestly the best thing I’ve tried and I love it.
What an incredible thing the cup is! It‘s a pity I haven‘t come across it earlier. But luckily I had it on my wedding day – the first day of my period which means a very strong flow. And guess what? It was perfect. It wouldn't leak. Not a drop. I didn‘t have to think about it all the time. I just enjoyed myself!
I just can‘t express how amazing change it was for me. I don‘t have to change it, look for thrash bins, buy tampons. Nothing like that. I had been afraid of rinsing the cup, but it was easy. You can do it in the shower in the morning and the evening, so you don‘t have to look for a suitable washbasin during a day. I keep forgetting about Aunt Flo, I don‘t have to think about it.
I have a cup for almost 6 years and it‘s really a superb thing. I recommended it to a friend of mine and she won‘t hear a single word against it either. I can‘t imagine using anything else. I recommend it right, left and centre. :) I don‘t even know about having menstruation. It‘s really the best invention for women that I know of.
As the most of women, I was sceptical at first, but on my sister‘s recommendation I bought a cup and I don‘t regret it. Not only it saves a lot of money, but also the space in my backpack while travelling. In summer it‘s priceless, mainly because I don‘t suffer from a sweat rash anymore. I can warmly recommend it!
I and my daughter have been using a cup for 3 years and we‘re absolutely satisfied with it. My daughter declared it was the best invention for women ever. And that says it all. A totally agree :)
I can only recommend a menstrual cup. I‘d been thinking about buying it for a long time. Then I made my mind and bought it as my birthday present. I used to have a strange feeling while using pads or tampons that everyone else could see it and knew about me having menstruation. It was because of my worries about having blood stains on my clothes or about being smelly and so on. My mood always changed, I behaved differently. And other people noticed it promptly. Nowadays, with the menstrual cup, I haven‘t got such worries. I am much more easy-going. So nobody can find out I‘m having menstruation anymore.
I bought menstrual cups for me and my daughters three years ago when we were going to the see. I‘d already known about its advantages from a friend of mine. Her good experience was confirmed for us as well, I wouldn't choose another option. I only regret I hadn‘t heard about the cup earlier. It‘s comfortable, hygienic, eco-friendly, usable for swimming. I recommend it to all who still hesitate.
I have a cup for two years. During the first four periods, I was learning how to use it correctly, which means make it fit so that it wouldn't leak. Nowadays I don‘t know about anything better. I‘ve started liking my „days of the month“. I feel the biggest difference - compared to towels and tampons – at nights. With every period I thank my friend who introduced it to me. I can‘t imagine my life without it. My only concern before every following period is to put it in my handbag because tampons and pads have definitely disappeared from my bathroom. I dare say buying the cup was one of the best investments of my life! :)
I‘ve been preparing for writing you for a long time. I‘d like to thank you and mainly share my experience so that other women can go through their periods with ease too. I‘ve been using a menstrual cup for seven years. I still have my first one and I‘m absolutely content with it. Unfortunately, my menstrual flow is very strong and long-lasting. I used to have a problem with pads, because of my intolerance to perfumes and artificial surfaces. Tampons caused me a stomach ache, so I couldn't use them at all. Every menstruation was torture to me, especially in summer. That‘s why I took the risk and decided to try the menstrual cup. And believe me, it‘s such a great little thing! I haven‘t bought a single pad or a tampon for the last 7 years. I still don‘t enjoy having menstruation, but at least I can go through it without unpleasant feelings and I save a lot of money. So you, who still hesitate – just don‘t. The menstrual cup is really a great thing :) I wish you all nice days with the Lunacup menstrual cup.
I learned about this little miracle less than three years ago. Regarding problems I used to have I ordered it without hesitation. Since then I haven't experienced any gynaecological problem, I don't even know about my period. And the money I saved! The only thing that troubled me was choosing the right size. According to the instructions I should choose the bigger one. Nevertheless, in consultation with my gynaecologist, I chose the smaller cup and it fits like a glove!
Dear ladies, surprisingly my partner was the one who told me about a cup the first time. He told me he read about it, how it made our „days“ more comfortable, how it lessened the pains, and that women didn't have to think about it so many times a day. And that the money was worth trying. I'm not going to pretend to be a heroine, I was sceptical indeed. The fact that my friends hardly heard about only increased my doubts. In the end, it was my partner who repeatedly appealed to me to buy it. And so I did. After a few tentative initial attempts, when I resisted to give it up, even though the insertion wasn't very easy, I finally got it right. Since then I wouldn't hear a word against it. I've used it for more than two years – and the money I've saved! And for other women I have a tip: I always have a bottle of water with me when I need to use public toilets. But at home as well as at work there is a washbasin in the toilet, so it's no problem there. I sleep safe and sound the whole night. When the flow is stronger, I empty the cup in the morning, after lunch, and in the evening. I recommended it to my acquaintances and friends and I won't stop doing it. I'm always delighted when another one of my friends buys it. I'm grateful to my partner for his support at the beginning and everything else. So ladies, don't hesitate, don't let anything discourage you. This isn't a paid advertising, it's just positive experience of a woman who would never get back into the groove.
It's a pity that I hadn't started using a cup earlier. But I was afraid that it wouldn' be the right option for me. What a mistake! It is just the thing for me and it's so easy! You need to practise a bit at the beginning. But then the application is simple. Don't let the first failure discourage you. It took me only two attempts to get it right.
It's only about practice. The main advantage is that you don't have to empty it very often. If you have a light flow like me, it lasts for 12 hours, no problem. So you don't need to worry about changing it somewhere outside. I've tried swimming, cycling, and jogging I didn't even know about it! Let alone the economical and ecological point of view. I'm totally satisfied and I'll never get back to sanitary towels or tampons. Surely I will recommend the menstrual cup to all my friends!
The menstrual cup has become a necessary thing in my life. I must admit that at the beginning I struggled with putting it in. Sometimes it leaked. But these days it only means comfort and safety to me – from the morning to the late afternoon. It feels good to save both the environment and money. I've eliminated pads and tampons from my life. The cup is undoubtedly a good choice. I wish you all a lot of patience for the first steps!
I'm really into sports and although my menstrual period lasts only two days, it is very strong. If I don't change the towel every 40 minutes, it usually leaks. My menses always starts when I'm in the mountains and it's a nightmare to take off all the winter clothes every time I go downhill. That's why I tried a menstrual cup and I'm incredibly excited. I only need to empty it once in the morning, once at noon, and then in the evening. It is important to know well your „anatomy“ and to check after insertion whether the cup has unfolded itself. It takes some time and practice to get it right. But as far as I'm concerned it's made „my time of the month“ more comfortable.
I have the cup for almost two years and I'm very happy with it. In the beginning, until I found the way to handle it, it gave me some trouble. I couldn't rely on it a hundred percent, because I didn't know how to insert it correctly. But it's only a matter of practice and now I have absolute certainty it won't leak. Ever since I have the cup, the menstruation is not such a big deal for me, I don't mind it. When the menstruation is about to come, I rather put it the cup earlier and then in the evening I just check it. The great thing is that the cup doesn't dry up as tampons do. And, unlike pads, it doesn't stink. I wouldn't return to tampons and pads ever!
My experience is only positive, it has never let me down, never leaked. I regret I've come to know it only recently. I recommended it to both my adult daughters. I've used it for more than two years. It's a very comfortable, cheap and ecological way to survive „that time of the month“.
I've been using the cup for several years and I would never change! It's much more comfortable, economical, a stomach ache lessened, there's no risk of TSS, it's eco-friendly and cleaner, we don't give our money to big corporations, one doesn't have to think about buying enough pads and tampons every month. I certainly recommend it!
Maybe I'll repeat myself but the menstrual cup is a revolutionary invention. I must admit that until I fine-tuned inserting and removing, the beginnings were slightly difficult. But since then it's been no trouble for me. Another indisputable advantage is that I don't have to think about having enough pads and tampons on me, for travelling or work. I don't have to control whether my tampon leaks or not during the first days of my menstruation. I'm also glad that I won't leave here a big heap of indecomposable waste. That's why I also chose cloth nappies for my baby, but it has nothing to do with the menstrual cup... :) I recommend the cup to all women who care about their health and the Earth's health as well!
I've met no problems while using a menstrual cup. I'd been using tampons before. But the kept stopping my flow. The cup doesn't do that. On top of that, the cup has many advantages i.e. very simple inserting. You only have to figure out how to put it in correctly. Another advantage is that empty it only once in every 8 – 12 hours (during light or medium flow). Moreover, you don't feel a thing when it's inside. The menstrual cup is such a great helper! Thanks to it my menstruation will never be an unpleasant experience.
The first time I heard about a cup was from a friend of mine, who, thanks to her good experience, recommended it to her acquaintances. And so do I – after more than 2 years of use I warmly recommend it to all women and girls who still hesitate. Initial concerns are pointless – the cup is incomparably better than tampons and sanitary towels. When it is inserted you don't feel it and you can do whatever you want. The most difficult thing about the cup is probably starting using it. But after giving it a go a few times you'll have it down pat. If I have to empty my cup in the toilet, where isn't a basin, I simply use a piece of toilet paper to clean the cup. At home, I always use a washbasin. It' not rocket science. You can travel with it everywhere! Let alone that inserting and having the cup inside your body is much safer and healthier than tampons. Care about yourselves and your health. And as a bonus - you do it for the environment's benefit. :)
Hello and thank you. The cup is perfect. As far as I'm concerned, the author deserves a Nobel prize :)
I sort the waste very strictly and the only thing which ended up in a dustbin was tampons and lots of pads. Now I don't need a rubbish bin at all! Moreover, the cup is ideal for sports, especially swimming. The beginnings weren't so difficult. All you need to do is to read the user guide carefully beforehand. Even though I have the smaller one it doesn't leak. I forgot to remove it a couple of times and the cup worked with no problems up to 24 hours. I only suspect it of making me feel like peeing sometimes. But then I only turn it slightly and the feeling stops. The main thing is that the use is easy. I don't want to have anything to do with tampons or pads anymore!
I came across the menstrual cup accidentally on the Internet and after reading a few reviews I decided to try it too. The only thing I regret is not buying it long ago :D Application isn't difficult, but it needs some practice. As soon as you deal with it everything is OK. Concerning the price, it's in fact for free – if you compare it to tampons or pads. The only problem may be a discoloration which appears after some time of use. But I solved this with a pinch of baking soda – I just poured it on the cup and rubbed it for a while. The cup was as good as new! When my daughters are the right age, I'll show them the cup, too. Thanks :)
Women, don't hesitate! She who doesn't try shouldn't speak! I honestly recommend it. Mainly because of mycosis. In comparison with a tampon it' 1 to 1000! It lasts longer, you don't feel it. One disadvantage: the beginnings – you have to get used to it and learn to manipulate with it. Having a washbasin in the toilet helps too. It lasts very long and makes you feel much more comfortable than a tampon (let alone a pad!). Summary: a healthier and more comfortable choice! I'm truly excited!
Some time ago I considered buying a cup. Because I mind tampons and pads I decided to buy the cup. At first, I bumbled around. But I kept trying and after several unsuccessful attempts, I got it. Now the use of the cup is a piece of cake for me. It just comes with practice. I won't hear a word against it! I couldn't have bought a better thing for myself. Not only does it save money, but it also makes me feel far more comfortable than regular pads and tampons. I warmly recommend it to all who still hesitate!

Hello Kateřina! I'm very happy with my menstrual cup. I appreciated it while packing too. Now I'm in Australia for 6 months and only a year ago my baggage would consist of loads of boxes with tampons and sanitary towels. This time I only needed to pack my beautiful pink and white pouch with the cup inside. I recommend it to everyone! I'm really satisfied. So thank you very much!
A menstrual cup is a great thing. I‘ve bought one for my daughter too immediately. During the first days of menstruation, I experience a stronger flow and I have to empty the cup more often. But it‘s no trouble compared to inconveniences I used to have before the cup. I strongly recommend it to all women. It just needs a little practice. But after all, you‘re getting to know yourselves this way.
Thanks for a great deal – from the first contact to the delivery! I already used my first cup during the beginning of my holiday – right the day after delivery. What an intuition! Your menstrual cup fits perfectly – I didn't know about it at all. The flat stem serving for removal is a great idea! It makes using the cup much easier. I wish you a nice day and lots of customers as satisfied as me. I look forward to another purchase. I'm going to spread my recommendation wherever I can.

Buying a cup from you was a very nice experience and it's not an overstatement to say that the cup has made my life better. Comfort has risen by 100%!