It was my husband who ordered a menstrual cup for me. But I'm the one who can evaluate it :) Now we're buying it for my son's girlfriend. I'm very happy with it and I've decided to introduce the cup to my older female pupils at school.
Buying a menstrual cup was one of my best investments ever! I'd been a bit afraid as I've had problems with inserting tampons. But to my surprise everything was OK. Probably the only little problem was with removing the cup but it comes with practice. I certainly recommend it! The purchase was quick indeed – after only 2 days from my order I received the cup. Communication was great too. I've got nothing to complain about, I'm really satisfied.
I'm excited about using the cup. It only has advantages: there's no stress at work during the first days of menstruation when the flow is stronger, I don't have to worry that my pad or tampon won't suffice, no more popping out and „changing“. Also, an unpleasant feeling during the first days of my period has disappeared. Now I feel really well. I even keep forgetting that I have „that time“ at all. I only need to empty the cup in the early morning and then in the afternoon when I return from work. I'm really satisfied and I'll surely spread my excitement amongst my friends who don't know about the cup yet. Thank you for the perfect „days“! :)
I evaluate the cup as the best invention. I recommend it to everyone. I‘ve been an owner or one already 3 years. Pity I hadn‘t learn about it earlier. I‘m glad to have it in many situations. I‘ve been travelling the length and breadth of South America for 5 months and I won‘t hear a single word against it!
Although I‘d known about a cup for a while, I couldn't imagine how it worked. But thanks to the information on your web pages, which are nice and tender-hearted, I just finished reading and ordered one. I read about the experience of more and more women on your pages and I was very surprised I didn‘t find a single bad review. Excitement and euphoria of the women seemed exaggerated to me, it made me mistrustful. Nevertheless, constant worries about dirty trousers or where to keep or change your pad or tampon, not to mention other disadvantages of common feminine hygienic tools… Now I understand the euphoria because I‘m experiencing it too. The first day was a bit difficult, but the second felt like I had the cup ever before. I‘m not afraid of menstruation anymore, I don‘t worry when I go on holiday or travelling. It‘s such a nice feeling of freedom and peace. And I wish every woman to be as satisfied as me. With best regards your happy customer Lucy!