terms & conditons

The following tells you the terms and conditions on which we supply any of the products listed on our website www.lunacup.eu to you.

Rights and responsibilities of each party - Customer and Vendor - are defined by these terms and conditions. Sending an order means the Customer has studied these terms and conditions and accepts them to the full extent.

The Vendor party and the operator of the e-shop www.lunacup.eu is the company
Evolution D Ltd. LC, WY, USA.

Every purchase order with all mandatory information filled in and send via www.lunacup.eu e-shop or via email is understood as a binding purchase agreement draft. The Customer is bound by this draft for 21 days since the date of sending the order.

The Vendor must confirm the received order without undue delay by sending a confirmation email to the address provided by the Customer in the placed order. The purchase agreement itself is made by the acceptance of the purchase agreement draft by the Vendor. The acceptance of the purchase agreement is made by sending of ordered goods to the Customer by the Vendor.

The purchase agreement is archived for the time strictly necessary for carrying out the purchase. The agreement may be accessed by the Customer after the Customer's written request. The purchase agreement may only be changed until the time the requested goods are sent by the Vendor.

The Customer does not have the right to withdraw from the purchase agreement due to the nature of the product and the Vendor’s inability to resell the returned goods.

Payment methods:

- Cash on delivery
- Wire transfer
- Credit card payment
- Google Pay and Apple Pay

The Vendor must send the ordered goods without undue delay.

- The warranty period of the menstrual cup is 5 years.
- The warranty for accessories (storage pouch and sanitation pouch) and of other products is 2 years.

The warranty period begins the day the order is sent by the Vendor to the Customer. Warranty applies only to the quality of the product. The Vendor is not responsible for the functionality of the product as it is very individual.

The warranty claim can be made any way listed on the Contact page on www.lunacup.eu. The warranty claim must contain all the listed information:
- E-mail address
- The goods the warranty is claimed on
- Problem description
- Name and a surname of the Customer
- Full post address (including country) which serves as a delivery address for exchanged goods

The warranty claim will be handled by the Vendor within the 30 days time frame. If the claim is found eligible, the Consumer is provided with a new product.

This warranty extends not only to the Consumer but also to the Customer who is not a consumer per se.

All the prices of the goods and/or services are final (including VAT rate at the time of shipping).

Any personal information given by the Customer will not be passed to any third party except the cases strictly necessary to fulfill the purchase agreement (such as delivery services) and handling such information will comply with the legal standards of personal data protection.

The Customer also agrees with the personal data processing for purposes of sending the news and commercial communication.

By accessing pages of www.lunacup.eu e-shop, the Customer agrees with storing cookies and pixel tags on one's computer.

Privacy policy terms

Cookie storing terms

On a request, the Customer is provided with the e-invoice which is sent to the provided email address.

Parties have agreed that their relationship is further guided by the legal standards of the country the goods are delivered to.

All possible disagreements between the Vendor, Customer, and/or Consumer will be carried by an out-of-court settlement.

When the out-of-court agreement is not possible between the parties themselves, the authority to resolve the matter is handed to respective national institutions handling out-of-courts agreements.

For the EU member countries, it is possible to address Online Dispute Resolution.

This version of Terms and Conditions has been valid since the 1st of May 2020.