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Satisfaction guarantee

Satisfaction guarantee

No risks, no strings attached: if you are not satisfied, we will send the cup of a different size or you will get your money back!

More than 36 000 satisfied Lunacup customers!

6 months of our support

You are not alone, we will help any way we can - woman to woman. Just contact us on Messenger or via e-mail.

5-year warranty

We design, we make, we don’t resell! We know everything there is to know about the cup, it’s using and the production process. Only the top quality can make you happy - and we have it!

Your satisfaction guaranteed

In a recent survey amongst 3458 women, 94 % would „immediately recommend the Lunacup to a friend".

In another survey amongst 1208 women, 80 % stated that "„learning how to handle the cup was easier than anticipated".
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