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About the menstrual cup
What is the menstrual cup?

The menstrual cup is a modern feminine hygiene product. It is a soft silicone cup that you fold and insert into your vagina. It unfolds inside and collects the menstrual blood. When the cup is full you just take it out and empty it. Then rinse the cup with water and insert it back in. You can use one cup during the whole menstrual cycle. After your cycle is over, sterilize the cup and store it for next month.

Any doubts or questions?
Well, maybe you are full of doubts or have a lot of questions. We have years of experience, so we can answer every single of your questions!
Anyway, you can put the doubts aside because of two simple facts:
The cup is used every month by millions of women all over the world! They were happy to give up tampons and switch to the cup.
This is what we usually hear from women who contact us after switching to the cup: “It is so comfy, I wouldn’t change it for all the tea of China I only regret that I haven’t heard about the cup earlier!”

What is the menstrual cup made of? 

Our menstrual cup is made of medical-grade silicone. Medical grade silicone is widely used in the healthcare industry for more than 60 years. It is used as material for contact lenses, breast implants or as cardiac valve replacement. It is material proven to be safe for the human body.

The medical-grade silicone is:

  • Hypoallergenic: there are not any reactions whatsoever,
  • Antibacterial: unlike the tampons or napkins the cup does not allow microorganisms to multiply
  • flexible, soft and durable
  • environment-friendly
  • does not affect the pH of the vagina
LUNACUP brand menstrual cup is made of platinum quality medical grade silicone and complies with both ISO 10993 and USP class IV. Therefore it is suitable as a short term bodily implant. Such high-quality material is not a matter of course for all manufacturers.
No chemicals are used during the production. And that is why it is perfectly safe to insert the cup into your body. Hardly would you use cellulose as an implant or contact lens. And yet you use tampons or napkins with the most intimate part of your body every single month! Well, until now you could say: “I have never heard of a menstrual cup.” But that is not the case anymore! So it is time for a change!

How long will one menstrual cup last?
One menstrual cup can be used for 10 years. It can be even more if you take proper care of it. Customers usually change their cups because of:
  • Discoloration, which is a natural characteristic of silicone and it does not affect its functionality
  • Loss of flexibility leads to worsened adaptability to your body and changes in the cup’s shape. 
LUNACUP menstrual cup is made of platinum quality medical grade silicone. That is why the cups keep their great properties for so long! To show how much we believe in it, we offer 5 years improved warranty for our menstrual cup. We expect the cup to last for more than 10 years.

What makes the menstrual cup so unique?

Sanitary napkin limits you in so many ways. You are aware of it all day long, it often makes you nervous. You are checking yourself and leaks all the time. It hinders your freedom of movement. It makes you sweaty and it often produces an unpleasant odor. Tampons can be a bit better than that. You can move freely and bath or swim if you are careful enough. But you are still aware of it and have to check it constantly. Tampons dry up the mucus membranes and are connected with the possibility of TSS (Toxic Shock Syndrome).

The cup is just inserted and you do not feel it anymore. It adapts to your body immediately. You don’t feel it when sitting, riding a bike, doing aerobics or yoga. It is almost like it merges with your body.

After a period of time, 2 or 3 times longer than with tampon or napkins, you simply remove the cup, empty and rinse it with water. Thanks to its high-quality material it is clean and ready to use in a heartbeat. You can reinsert it and enjoy your day. You don’t need to carry anything around. You don’t need to look for a trashcan.

You feel far better! Suddenly, your period isn’t a burden anymore. There is no tampon or napkin to bug you - just one clean menstrual cup.

Is the menstrual cup eco-friendly?
A menstrual cup is definitely the most eco-friendly hygiene product on the market.
  • One cup lasts for 10 years.

  • You do not produce any waste using it!

  • You don’t need to wash anything either as it is sometimes cased with napkins.

  • The cup is not made of plastic or rubber / it is not a petroleum-based product.

  • When it’s time comes, you can dispose of it ecologically.

How much does the cup cost?

The price of the cup varies with the chosen model. You can get the cup from xx to xx. Because one cup lasts for 10 years, you will save a significant sum of money you would otherwise spend on tampons or napkins.


Years of period Tampons and pads Menstrual cup Money saved thanks to the cup
One cycle
In 10 years
In a lifetime

* figures presented are calculated with 13 periods a year and monthly expense of x €
** in case you buy a new cup every 8 years.

Merits of the menstrual cup
What do I get from switching to the cup?
The menstrual cup brings a radical improvement in your life!
  • It will make you forget about your period for the very first time.
  • Your period will not limit you anymore. You can enjoy any possible activity - it’s like having no period at all.

  • You will avoid many awkward situations. You won’t have to look for a trashcan to dispose of tampon or napkin.

  • You won’t have to shop for tampons or napkins anymore.

Menstrual cups, tampons and pads in a nutshell
Pad Tampon Menstrual cup
Use is annoying


Yes No
Hinders your freedom of movement Yes No No

Risk of allergic reaction

Yes Yes No

Material allows microorganisms to multiplyMaterial allows microorganisms to multiply

Yes Yes No
Unpleasant smell Yes No No
Needs to be attached Yes No No
Possible sweat rash Yes No No
Associated with TSS No Yes Minimal risk
Known medical issues Yes Yes No
Unlimited use (sauna, shower, nudist beaches) No Yes No
Lasts during whole night Yes No Yes
Bathing allowed No Yes Yes
Waste-free solution No No Yes

For more check-out cost of a cup compared to tampons and napkins.

What activities can I do with the cup inside?
Everything you do every day outside your period!*
Here are some activities you would probably never imagined doing during the period:
  • All water-related activities, be it in a swimming pool, beach or anywhere else

  • Riding a bike or a horse

  • Jogging

  • Working out including aerobics, yoga, pilates, etc.

  • Sunbathing topless and bottomless as well

  • Enjoying sauna or steam

  • Roller-skating

  • Skiing and all other winter sports

  • Sleeping through the night (cup is a reliable all-night protection)

Are there any limitations to the use of a cup?

There are almost no limitations. The only exception is the post-natal period. We don’t recommend using the cup in days following the childbirth as the vagina should remain free to secure the smooth recovery process. 


*We strongly recommend relaxing more during your period, especially in days of heavy flow. The period is a regular phase in a woman’s life in which she connects deeper with her inner self and cleanse her body and soul. Every woman should be aware of it and respect it. Every woman should respect herself and listen closely to the wisdom of her body.

In what way is the menstrual cup natural?

In ancient societies women were resting during their periods. They secluded themselves in peaceful locations and let their blood flow freely to the ground. This is the best way and the healthiest way how to spend your period. They mastered a technique of so-called free period. Women can learn a way how to control their cervix and hold the blood inside the uterus until they release it willingly. Collecting blood using the menstrual cup is a great way how to combine natural processes of your body with our modern era.

Menstrual cups don’t stop the flow of blood. They just collect the blood for a while before you return it to the ground. This is the most natural and harmonious way there is.

Disadvantages of the menstrual cup
Are there any known disadvantages of using a cup?

In comparison to tampons or napkins it is difficult to find any. But let’s take a look at it. Most of the doubts are spread by the women who have never tried a menstrual cup before. So the picture being painted here is of a large product, difficult to handle and all smeared with blood. You already know this can’t be more wrong. 

So, disadvantages?

When using tampons or pads, you don’t have to pay any attention to your body at all. When using a cup you will at least learn the basic anatomy of your vagina when handling it.
When using a menstrual cup you will get your hands dirty - well, fingertips of your thumb and index finger. This may not be the case of tampons and pads.
In the beginning, you will probably have to try several positions of a cup to find the one that suits you.

We are not aware of any more disadvantages, but we can say one thing for sure. Once you try the menstrual cup, you will never want to get back into the „middle-ages“ of tampons and pads.

Health issues of the menstrual cup
Are there any health risks of using a cup?
Is the cup safe?
  • The medical-grade silicone is proven by the 60 years to be perfectly safe and free of health risks. That’s why this material is used as a cardiac valve replacement.

  • The material of the cup is also antibacterial. Bacteria is not able to „hold onto“ this material. Menstrual cup made of medical-grade silicone doesn’t allow bacteria to multiply. Also, the cup is sealed in the vagina through the whole duration of use and isn’t connected to the outside environment which is not the case of for example tampon’s string. Therefore the cup becomes one with the woman’s body.

  • The menstrual cup doesn’t affect the environment of the vagina, like pH and moisture. It is a completely neutral element inside the human body. The cup also adapts to the shape of the vagina and doesn’t press against it.
LUNACUP menstrual cup passed the complete sets of tests of the Czech National Institute of Public Health with flying colors.
There are no health risks and issues connected with the use of menstrual cups. We don’t recommend using the cup in days following the childbirth as the blood needs to flow freely from the vagina.

A lot of women got rid of vaginal yeast infections and inflammations when they switched to a cup. Your period is more natural and healthier with a menstrual cup.
Some women even use the cup outside their periods, for example as an extra precaution when visiting swimming pools using chlorine to treat water. The menstrual cup protects the vagina environment using suction.

The menstrual cup collects blood. Isn’t that harmful?

This common fear is based on the traditional need to apply absorptive materials when dealing with blood flows and it has been debunked. The blood is collected and removed in several hours.

The menstrual blood flows slowly from the cervix through the opening of the pinhead. The blood is collected in a cup whether you sit or lie.

Even when you are standing on your head, the blood is not coming back through this opening. No matter what feminine hygiene product you use, the blood currently in the vagina will always flow in that direction. It is perfectly normal and poses no risk. Vagina separates the outer and inner environment. Moreover the menstrual cup creates suction that prevents the outside air to get in. This prevents menstrual blood to go off and so it can’t produce an unpleasant smell unlike with napkins where blood interacts with air and bacteria.

Did you know? Did you know that napkins and tampons aren’t sterile? Cellulose-based materials used in the production of tampon or pad go through the whole manufacturing process and are wrapped afterward. When it comes all the way to you there is really no guarantee it is bacteria-free. You don’t even have the option to sterilize it yourself. On the other hand you can always clean or sterilize your cup in the comfort of your home.

What is the opinion of gynecologists?

Many gynecologists rate the cup very well and promote its use. Unfortunately, most of the gynecologists are men and can’t enjoy the comfort, freedom and health benefits brought by the use of a menstrual cup.  Their opinions are based on second-hand information. Read some of their statements:

Gynecologist, MUDr. Helena Maslova

„A menstrual cup is more than suitable and eco-friendly in addition.“ 

Gynecologist, MUDr. Marcela Bittnerova

„Because of used material, a menstrual cup doesn’t cause vaginal yeast infection. Because of the way it is inserted it doesn’t prevent the flow of blood from the uterus. It is suitable for every woman who had intercourse.“

Gynecologist, MUDr. Lukas Hruban

„It is a cheap and clean way. I don’t have any complaints at all.
It is a risk-free alternative that is worthy of recommendation.“

Can the cup block menstrual flow as tampons do?

The use of a menstrual cup doesn’t pose any dangers to your period as sometimes tampon does.

Cups and Toxic Shock Syndrome
Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is quite a rare, possibly lethal condition. It was described in 1978 for the first time. In more than half of the cases it occurs with women and girls during their period or shortly after it. It occurs more frequently with women younger than 30 years of age. With adolescents, more than 90 % of cases related to the use of tampons. There are many causes of TSS and this condition affects not only women, but men and children as well.
Cups and Toxic Shock Syndrome
Unlike tampons and napkins, our menstrual cup is made of a material that was designed to be implanted into the human body therefore doesn’t pose any risks and is used in medicine for more than 60 years. Because of the material used, our menstrual cup doesn’t affect the natural environment of your body. No changes in pH, no drying the membranes, no bacteria multiplication and no allergic reactions. As there is still a risk of TSS with menstrual cups, the risk is significantly lower.
If you have been diagnosed with TSS before, do not use any internal vaginal products including LUNACUP menstrual cup.

Please observe the following hygiene procedures:
  • Remove the cup and rinse it with water at least every 12 hours.
  • Sterilize your cup at the end of every period.

  • If you suffer from any kind of inflammation caused for example by injuries, kidney or urinary tract infections, gum inflammation refrain from using a cup temporarily.

  • In case of sudden fever, rash, blood pressure fall, diarrhea, vomiting, remove the cup and visit your general practitioner.

  • Do not lend the cup you use to anybody, not even for just showing, not to mention testing.

  • Keep your cup in a supplied pouch in a dry, clean place with sufficient air circulation.

The menstrual cup and I
Why should I get a menstrual cup?

Because you respect yourself enough. Because you want to be healthy and feel good. Only when you start using the cup you will realize, how you had limited and endangered yourself.

You can read about the dangers of tampon or napkin use:
Article about the risks of using tampons
Risks of using napkins and tampons

Will I be able to use the cup?

Yes, you will! Every woman before you made it and so you will too. It’s okay to be nervous when using the cup for the first time. Once you try it you will only regret not trying it earlier.

The step-by-step manual is included in the delivery of the LUNACUP menstrual cup. You will learn how to use and take care of it. We recommend trying the cup out before the actual period, ideally during ovulation in which the inside of your vagina is very similar to a period. This way you can try everything out in stress-free time without possible leaks. You can try what it is like to have a cup before first use during your period - first healthy and comfortable one.

How many cups do I need? Is one really enough?

Yes, one cup is really enough. Just empty your menstrual cup and insert it again.

Can I use the cup even if I experience a really heavy flow?

Yes, you can. We know a lot of women who experienced really heavy flow and used super-absorbent tampons. And it wasn’t enough. Their problems weren’t solved until they switched to our menstrual cup. Even if they have to empty the cup more often than other women, switching to the cup was a huge relief and newly discovered safety.

Tip: For heavy flow we recommend a LUNACUP evolution menstrual cup with an emptying mechanism.

Can I use the cup even if I experience two-week-long periods and frequent spotting?

Yes, you can. Even if the spotting is the case, we still recommend emptying and rinsing the cup every 12 hours.

Why is this the first time I have heard about the cup?

Silicone cups have been introduced in 2002. Is this the first time you have heard about the cup? Do you know why? Follow the breadcrumb trail and you will have your answer. 

Big multinational corporations dealing with feminine hygiene products are losing a great deal of money since the cup has entered the market. It isn’t in their interest to spread the information about this groundbreaking solution for the period of every woman. These companies are pumping out their adds to support the traditional way / using napkins and tampons. The currents on the market are changing and it is just a matter of time before menstrual cups fully replace tampons and napkins.

Why there are not more women around me using the cup?

Every woman knows several other women who are already using the cup. The topic of period is still a taboo in certain communities and many women don’t like to talk about it. If you ask however many of the cup users will gladly share their experience. Just be careful as there are a lot of know-it-alls who have never tried it, but they know all about it :-)

Is there nobody you can talk openly about your period? Would you like to know what our customers have to say about our cup? Here, you can read the responses we have collected over the years.

How to choose the right menstrual cup
Which brand should I choose? Are there any differences?

Read our article, written to help you to choose.

User manual
How to use the menstrual cup?

Using the cup is really easy. Don’t worry about a thing. The insertion of the cup doesn’t take more than 30 seconds. To make things as easy for you as possible, we have a written instructions guide for you.

It is essential to study this manual and watch all the videos. That is the only way to fully benefit from the very beginning.

These are the brief instruction which shouldn’t be used as a replacement of step-by-step guide!


Before you using the cup for the first time, sterilize it in boiling water or steam. You can sterilize the cup by boiling it in water for 5 minutes. Use the pouch included in the delivery. Be sure that your hands are properly washed when manipulating with a cup.


Rinse the cup with water so the cup is wet when you insert it. Sit on the toilet or just squat down. Fold the cup in one of the recommended ways. The folded cup is small and more compact. Place the cup with the folded end at the edge of your vagina. Push it a little deeper and then release the grip on the folded part. The cup will unfold itself and press itself against the vaginal wall.

If the stem of the cup is coming out, try to push the cup a little deeper so the stem is inside as well. Then pull the cup and rotate it a little bit. You will ensure the cup’s full unfolding. If you want to be extra sure, try to pull a stem a little bit. If you feel the cup’s resistance it is a sign that it is pressed against the vaginal wall properly.


If you are about to empty the cup, make sure your hands are washed. Sit on the toilet or just squat down. Lightly press the cup using two fingers (thumb and index finger) Pressing the cup will balance the pressures and the suction that held the cup in place will disappear. The only thing left is to pull out the cup with one gentle and slow pull. The cup’s stem can help you do that. Thanks to the suction the blood remains in the cup. Then hold the cup firmly with the rim facing up and remove it from your body. Dispose of the content of the cup, rinse it with water and you can insert it back in.


When your period is over, rinse your cup first and then boil it for several minutes in the water. Then store the cup in an included pouch so it is ready for your next period.

How often do I have to change the cup?

One of many advantages of the menstrual cup is that, unlike the tampons or napkins, you don’t have to change it. You just need to empty it and rinse it with water.

During the days in which your flow is weaker it is okay to empty the cup after 8 to 12 hours. During the days in which your flow is heavier it is okay to empty the cup after 3 to 6 hours. According to the women who have tried the cup before you, the cup lasts 2 or 3 times longer than a tampon.

No matter the flow, remove the cup, empty it and rinse it at least every 12 hours!

Contraception and menstrual cup
Is it possible to use the menstrual cup and vaginal ring like Nuvaring?

Yes, it is. But you can use a cup only when you do not have the Nuvaring inside.

Can I use the cup in combination with intrauterine devices such as Dana, Gyneplus, Gynefi, Jaydess or Mirena?

Yes, you can. There are many women using both and we don’t hear any complaints at all. However we are aware of cases in which the device was pushed out. This can happen with the lower cervix or inserting a cup too deep. The spontaneous push out is a case of one in twenty devices, most common in three weeks after the application. If this is your case, we recommend asking our gynecologists to shorten the threads as possible and rely on your pelvic floor muscles when removing the cup. Most of the women however happily use both at the same time.

I am afraid to ask but...
Isn't the cup too large?
The size is a concern of many women. Millions of women have already learned that the cup is designed to perfectly fit its place. It will fit into your body as well. For sure.
Rinse the cup with water before you try to insert it. That will make it more slippery and the insertion is easier. Before the cup is inserted it is folded into a small cone. It will not unfold until it finds its place.
On top of that, the menstrual cup is:
  • Very flexible and it will adapt to the shape of your vagina

  • Soft and smooth so it doesn’t press or scratch anywhere

  • When folded it is just a bit larger than tampon (2 cm of cup, 1.5 cm of tampon).
It is much easier than it sounds. Remember, practice makes the master. We haven’t met a woman who wouldn’t make it.

Moreover the LUNACUP menstrual cup is unlike many other brands designed to comply with the testing of thousands of women and to respect woman’s anatomy. Our cup differs from the others by more conical shape and only a little pronounced upper rim. That is why using it is more pleasant than using other cups.

Is the menstrual cup reliable? Won’t it leak?

Our menstrual cup is very reliable and it has your back even in most difficult situations such as swimming, sports, dancing, and social events. The cup, when inserted properly, will press firmly against the vaginal wall. Thanks to its flexibility and created suction it sits under any circumstances. All menstrual blood is collected inside it and can’t flow anywhere else.

So the menstrual cup never leaks? 

Never say never. When the cup is full to the level of two small holes in the upper rim, the suction may be released and a small leak may occur. This is only a case with heavy flow. These days, usually the first two days of the period, the cup needs to be emptied more often, about every 3 to 6 hours.  But generally speaking, the cup is still far more reliable than a tampon or pad.
According to the experience of many customers the woman feels when the cup is about to be full and she is ready to deal with the situation in time.

Recommendations: To make sure everything runs smoothly during your sports or social event, always empty the cup before it’s start. It is also a good idea to use panty liners during the days of heavy flow just to be on the safe side.

Can I use the cup even if I am a virgin?

It depends. You can use the cup even if your hymen is still unbroken. There are 13 or 14 years old among our customers who use the cup regularly, but there are also girls who can’t use it yet.
If you are a virgin the insertion of the cup may be unpleasant. That’s why we recommend trying the cup carefully out and exercise patience in finding the right way and position of insertion.
And even if the cup doesn’t suit you right from the beginning, don’t worry. You can keep it for ten years with proper care. You can try it again sometime later when your body is prepared for it.

How to use the cup in a public restroom?

You will most usually manipulate the cup in places you are familiar with. When you are about to leave home for a longer period of time it is a good idea to empty the cup before you leave. Its capacity should be enough to last before you are back home again. So you will probably not use the following recommendations at all.
The most convenient situation is when both the toilet and the sink are available. You may not count that you will find such comfort in your workplace or while traveling. Good news! You can empty your menstrual cup even in a less friendly environment. You just need to find your own way.

Keep in mind that the cup is really easy to take care of. The menstrual blood doesn’t stay on it.

What are your options?

The first thing is to wash your hand with soap and rinse properly.
  • The first option is to take a bottle of water in the stall with you and wash the cup after you remove it. Alternatively, you can use sensitive wet wipes to clean the cup.

  • The second option is to just empty the cup and then reinsert it. You don’t have to worry a bit. The cup is only exposed to the outside environment for a couple of seconds and doesn’t interact with sometimes messy surfaces. It is always better to wash the cup. If that is not possible, don’t worry.

  • The third option is to take the cup to the washbasin and wash it there. It however depends whether you feel like going there without any protection whatsoever, which may be possible with light flow, but very risky otherwise.
Tip: In most of the public buildings there are restrooms for the disabled. These restrooms are fitted with both toilet and washbasin in one room. As a woman with her period, you are entitled to use these facilities as period counts as a temporal disability. If you are experiencing heavy flow this should be your number one solution.

I plan to go on a hike or go camping. Is it possible to use the cup outdoors?

Using the cup isn’t an obstacle to enjoy your favorite activities. As with the public restrooms situation, it is a good idea to have wet wipes at hand to clean the cup with. All sorts of disinfectant gels you apply on your hands to make sure that the cup doesn’t interact with bacteria. Despite the chemical compounds these products contain, they are still useful when handling the cup outdoors.

You can find more tips on traveling with the cup here.

Is it true that the period is shorter when I use the cup?

To be honest, we were perplexed when we first heard about it. We thought that it would be just a personal observation of some women. Later we started to hear from more women who claimed that their period shortened thanks to the use of the menstrual cup.

Now we know that the menstrual cup may have a significant impact on the duration of your period. The period is the cleansing process of your body after all.

Tampons and napkins contain many chemicals and they also loose pieces of material and everything is released into your body. Your body absorbs them afterward and has to get rid of them somehow. Your vagina needs to clean itself and uses the period to do so. The use of tampons or napkins further complicates the process. When you switch to a cup it may result in a shorter period.

So our answer has to be positive. Yes, the menstrual cup has positive effects on the process of the period and often shortens the process itself.

Will I get dirty when using the cup?

Yes, sometimes you may get your fingertips dirty when manipulate the cup. But only a tiny bit if at all. Because all the menstrual blood is collected inside the cup. And you don’t touch the inside.

Does it feel funny to look at the blood inside? You don’t have to see the blood at all. Just sit on the toilet, remove the cup and empty it immediately. There is no contact of the blood with your body or clothing whatsoever. And because the cup is smooth, the blood doesn’t stick on it. Just rinse it with water and it is as good as new.

You will feel far cleaner than with tampons or napkins. Maybe it is hard to believe, but everything feels more natural and healthy with the cup. Everything is as it was meant to be. Everything that is supposed to go goes. And you are fit, clean and safe.

Are you interested in the opinions of other customers? Then read their testimonies here.

Customers' experience
Well I am still considering. Should I try the cup or not?

Still not decided? Every woman using the cup was in your place before. The cup maybe something new and unexplored for you. The decision to use the cup and get rid of health risks connected to the use of tampons and napkins is yours and yours only.
Get inspired by the experience of a woman who once has walked wearing your shoes. And one day they have decided to try the cup.

Testimonials of women who are using LUNACUP menstrual cups

Customer support and more
Invoice for a placed order

We don’t issue an invoice in paper or electronic form.
Order details including the price and ordered goods is sent right after the order is placed. You can print or just save the email.

We don’t ask for a receipt or invoice when the warranty claim is issued. We will look at your order up using your email address. Everything is taken care of.

We will gladly issue an invoice on demand. Just ask.

Scientific studies dealing with cups

Read the latest study about the menstrual cup from 2019/07/17 here.

Frequently asked questions in brief
Can I use the cup on the beach or in the swimming pool?

Yes. You can use the cup with no limitations in any water-related activity, be it bathing or swimming. Moreover, you need to change the tampon after every swim while the cup has your back all the time. Simply empty the cup before you hit the beach or the pool and you do not have to worry about a thing until you come back home. The cup really does not care whether you are just comfy at home or at the beach.

Can I use the cup during the night?

Yes. In contrast to a sanitary napkin, the cup will not move a bit during the night. The risk of toxic shock is also minimized. There is also no need to wear underwear during the night - you can go to bed dressed like usually, even not dressed at all.

How to sterilize the cup?

You can either use a sanitation pouch included in the delivery or boil the cup for a while. Before you sterilize the cup for the first time, read our manual.

Should I feel the inserted cup?

No. You should not feel the inserted cup at all. You may feel the cup for several minutes after insertion itself, but not after that. If you are aware of the cup or if you even feel discomfort, try to find a different angle or depth of insertion. If the discomfort persists, check out the manual again or consider the cup of different size.

Can I use the bathroom with an inserted cup?

Yes. You can urinate as well as have a bowel movement without removing the cup whatsoever.

How do I choose the size of the cup?

The smaller size of the cup is recommended for women up to 30 years of age or for women who gave birth through C-section.

The larger size of the cup is recommended for women over 30 years of age or who gave birth naturally.
Smaller cup size is recommended for women whose vagina is very narrow and women experience difficulties to insert supersized tampons.

How often should I empty the cup?

LUNACUP menstrual cup usually lasts 2 or 3 times longer than tampons. Generally speaking, with the heavy flow the cup must be emptied every 3 to 6 hours. With the normal flow empty the cup after 8 or 12 hours.

Never leave the cup inserted for more than 12 hours, even when using the LUNACUP evolution cup, which can be emptied without removing.

How deep should I insert the cup?

The cup has to be inserted completely, including the stem. Sometimes, like in the case of the lower cervix, the stem has to be shortened. With the LUNACUP evolution cup just push the stem inside to first or second position. It is not necessary to shorten the stem of this cup.

Is there a way to make insertions of the cup easier?

The insertion or removal of the cup may be easier by using your pelvic floor muscles.
Everything is described in this article.