The menstrual cup and I

Why should I get a menstrual cup?

Because you respect yourself enough. Because you want to be healthy and feel good. Only when you start using the cup you will realize, how you had limited and endangered yourself.

You can read about the dangers of tampon or napkin use:
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Will I be able to use the cup?

Yes, you will! Every woman before you made it and so you will too. It’s okay to be nervous when using the cup for the first time. Once you try it you will only regret not trying it earlier.

The step-by-step manual is included in the delivery of the LUNACUP menstrual cup. You will learn how to use and take care of it. We recommend trying the cup out before the actual period, ideally during ovulation in which the inside of your vagina is very similar to a period. This way you can try everything out in stress-free time without possible leaks. You can try what it is like to have a cup before first use during your period - first healthy and comfortable one.

How many cups do I need? Is one really enough?

Yes, one cup is really enough. Just empty your menstrual cup and insert it again.

Can I use the cup even if I experience a really heavy flow?

Yes, you can. We know a lot of women who experienced really heavy flow and used super-absorbent tampons. And it wasn’t enough. Their problems weren’t solved until they switched to our menstrual cup. Even if they have to empty the cup more often than other women, switching to the cup was a huge relief and newly discovered safety.

Tip: For heavy flow we recommend a LUNACUP evolution menstrual cup with an emptying mechanism.

Can I use the cup even if I experience two-week-long periods and frequent spotting?

Yes, you can. Even if the spotting is the case, we still recommend emptying and rinsing the cup every 12 hours.

Why is this the first time I have heard about the cup?

Silicone cups have been introduced in 2002. Is this the first time you have heard about the cup? Do you know why? Follow the breadcrumb trail and you will have your answer. 

Big multinational corporations dealing with feminine hygiene products are losing a great deal of money since the cup has entered the market. It isn’t in their interest to spread the information about this groundbreaking solution for the period of every woman. These companies are pumping out their adds to support the traditional way / using napkins and tampons. The currents on the market are changing and it is just a matter of time before menstrual cups fully replace tampons and napkins.

Why there are not more women around me using the cup?

Every woman knows several other women who are already using the cup. The topic of period is still a taboo in certain communities and many women don’t like to talk about it. If you ask however many of the cup users will gladly share their experience. Just be careful as there are a lot of know-it-alls who have never tried it, but they know all about it :-)

Is there nobody you can talk openly about your period? Would you like to know what our customers have to say about our cup? Here, you can read the responses we have collected over the years.