I am afraid to ask but...

Isn't the cup too large?
The size is a concern of many women. Millions of women have already learned that the cup is designed to perfectly fit its place. It will fit into your body as well. For sure.
Rinse the cup with water before you try to insert it. That will make it more slippery and the insertion is easier. Before the cup is inserted it is folded into a small cone. It will not unfold until it finds its place.
On top of that, the menstrual cup is:
  • Very flexible and it will adapt to the shape of your vagina

  • Soft and smooth so it doesn’t press or scratch anywhere

  • When folded it is just a bit larger than tampon (2 cm of cup, 1.5 cm of tampon).
It is much easier than it sounds. Remember, practice makes the master. We haven’t met a woman who wouldn’t make it.

Moreover the LUNACUP menstrual cup is unlike many other brands designed to comply with the testing of thousands of women and to respect woman’s anatomy. Our cup differs from the others by more conical shape and only a little pronounced upper rim. That is why using it is more pleasant than using other cups.

Is the menstrual cup reliable? Won’t it leak?

Our menstrual cup is very reliable and it has your back even in most difficult situations such as swimming, sports, dancing, and social events. The cup, when inserted properly, will press firmly against the vaginal wall. Thanks to its flexibility and created suction it sits under any circumstances. All menstrual blood is collected inside it and can’t flow anywhere else.

So the menstrual cup never leaks? 

Never say never. When the cup is full to the level of two small holes in the upper rim, the suction may be released and a small leak may occur. This is only a case with heavy flow. These days, usually the first two days of the period, the cup needs to be emptied more often, about every 3 to 6 hours.  But generally speaking, the cup is still far more reliable than a tampon or pad.
According to the experience of many customers the woman feels when the cup is about to be full and she is ready to deal with the situation in time.

Recommendations: To make sure everything runs smoothly during your sports or social event, always empty the cup before it’s start. It is also a good idea to use panty liners during the days of heavy flow just to be on the safe side.

Can I use the cup even if I am a virgin?

It depends. You can use the cup even if your hymen is still unbroken. There are 13 or 14 years old among our customers who use the cup regularly, but there are also girls who can’t use it yet.
If you are a virgin the insertion of the cup may be unpleasant. That’s why we recommend trying the cup carefully out and exercise patience in finding the right way and position of insertion.
And even if the cup doesn’t suit you right from the beginning, don’t worry. You can keep it for ten years with proper care. You can try it again sometime later when your body is prepared for it.

How to use the cup in a public restroom?

You will most usually manipulate the cup in places you are familiar with. When you are about to leave home for a longer period of time it is a good idea to empty the cup before you leave. Its capacity should be enough to last before you are back home again. So you will probably not use the following recommendations at all.
The most convenient situation is when both the toilet and the sink are available. You may not count that you will find such comfort in your workplace or while traveling. Good news! You can empty your menstrual cup even in a less friendly environment. You just need to find your own way.

Keep in mind that the cup is really easy to take care of. The menstrual blood doesn’t stay on it.

What are your options?

The first thing is to wash your hand with soap and rinse properly.
  • The first option is to take a bottle of water in the stall with you and wash the cup after you remove it. Alternatively, you can use sensitive wet wipes to clean the cup.

  • The second option is to just empty the cup and then reinsert it. You don’t have to worry a bit. The cup is only exposed to the outside environment for a couple of seconds and doesn’t interact with sometimes messy surfaces. It is always better to wash the cup. If that is not possible, don’t worry.

  • The third option is to take the cup to the washbasin and wash it there. It however depends whether you feel like going there without any protection whatsoever, which may be possible with light flow, but very risky otherwise.
Tip: In most of the public buildings there are restrooms for the disabled. These restrooms are fitted with both toilet and washbasin in one room. As a woman with her period, you are entitled to use these facilities as period counts as a temporal disability. If you are experiencing heavy flow this should be your number one solution.

I plan to go on a hike or go camping. Is it possible to use the cup outdoors?

Using the cup isn’t an obstacle to enjoy your favorite activities. As with the public restrooms situation, it is a good idea to have wet wipes at hand to clean the cup with. All sorts of disinfectant gels you apply on your hands to make sure that the cup doesn’t interact with bacteria. Despite the chemical compounds these products contain, they are still useful when handling the cup outdoors.

You can find more tips on traveling with the cup here.

Is it true that the period is shorter when I use the cup?

To be honest, we were perplexed when we first heard about it. We thought that it would be just a personal observation of some women. Later we started to hear from more women who claimed that their period shortened thanks to the use of the menstrual cup.

Now we know that the menstrual cup may have a significant impact on the duration of your period. The period is the cleansing process of your body after all.

Tampons and napkins contain many chemicals and they also loose pieces of material and everything is released into your body. Your body absorbs them afterward and has to get rid of them somehow. Your vagina needs to clean itself and uses the period to do so. The use of tampons or napkins further complicates the process. When you switch to a cup it may result in a shorter period.

So our answer has to be positive. Yes, the menstrual cup has positive effects on the process of the period and often shortens the process itself.

Will I get dirty when using the cup?

Yes, sometimes you may get your fingertips dirty when manipulate the cup. But only a tiny bit if at all. Because all the menstrual blood is collected inside the cup. And you don’t touch the inside.

Does it feel funny to look at the blood inside? You don’t have to see the blood at all. Just sit on the toilet, remove the cup and empty it immediately. There is no contact of the blood with your body or clothing whatsoever. And because the cup is smooth, the blood doesn’t stick on it. Just rinse it with water and it is as good as new.

You will feel far cleaner than with tampons or napkins. Maybe it is hard to believe, but everything feels more natural and healthy with the cup. Everything is as it was meant to be. Everything that is supposed to go goes. And you are fit, clean and safe.

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